Beauty: Chili foot baths says Dr. Oz

August 8, 2011 – With longs days at work, your hands are tired from using the computer mouse too much and your feet are tired from wearing stylish shoes.

According to the famous Dr. Oz and his team, using chillies for foot and hand baths may be the answer.

In Japan, a well-known traditional beauty secret is using the Togarashi Pepper not only for seasoning delicious ramen noodles, but also as an ingredient in baths to soak your tired feet and hands.

The chilli pepper is said to stimulate circulation and wake up any tired extremity.


Japanese Togarashi Pepper Foot Bath

  1. Fill your foot bath or large container with warm to hot water.
  2. Sprinkle Togarashi Pepper into the water and soak your feet for ten minutes.


You can use the same method for your hands.

You’ll feel a tingly and warm sensation from the pepper, and afterwards, your feet and hands will feel energized and rejuvenated!



Source: Dr. Oz



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