Winehouse bought $2,000 worth of drugs

August 4, 2011 – Why is it when someone famous dies, the details of their death always seems to get murkier before the truth becomes clearer?

Details of Winehouse’s death has just become more murkier.  According to Daily Mirror, Tony Azzopardi, a friend of Winehouse’s said they met the evening before her death and met a drug dealer, where they purchased $2,000 USD worth of drugs.

The news of what looks like a drug-binge-gone-wrong comes just days after Winehouse’s family claimed she may have died from alcohol withdrawal – perhaps in a desperate attempt to salvage a lasting positive image of their daughter.

Surfacing murky details and a growing media circus surrounding Winehouse’s death puts her in good company like Michael Jackson.  Perhaps only the rich, famous and incredibly talented receive this honour.  The key words here are ‘incredibly talented’.



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