Nairobi Summer style: The maxi dress


The month of August always means the beginning of Nairobi summer which can only mean that we can say “arrivederci” to those heavy coats and sweaters we’ve been wearing for the last few weeks. It should be warmer already but I’m sure the clouds will clear up soon. patient.

As we are always all about prospective shopping, I hope you restocked your ‘summer ‘wardrobe during the cold because they are cheaper at this time and I really hope while shopping  you stocked up on Maxi dresses. Maxis are in vogue for the girlie girls especially. I love them because they give you that stylish summery look. They are very feminine and can be worn by every woman (who is into them) whether plus size or super skinny, old or young. Because of the different designs and styles they come in everyone manages to look awesome in them.

This time though, instead of hiding in black and grey why not appreciate color and life more. Try the pinks, the oranges, the whites, the yellows, the bright blues and even the beautiful prints and floral patterns for a change. Bright colours make you look cheerful, and give you that cheery summer vibe throughout.

Maxi dresses come in all sorts of patterns, stripes, polka dots, tartan…So whatever your style is, go for the right one. They are great for maternity wear too.

Maxis are fabulous because not only do they give you length, they also give you comfort and freedom. They let your skin breathe freely.

Select your fabrics well. The chiffons are pretty cool and they don’t cling onto your body for dear life when it gets windy. Lycra’s  and spandex are also cute but don’t forgive the bumps on your body and they are clingy. Cotton is ideal for everyone.

If you will be taking a trip to the Coast for a wedding or a vacation, you won’t go wrong with a maxi dress or skirt. They were made with that kind of weather in mind.

The maxi is a must have for every summer wardrobe. For that perfect summer look, pair your maxi with cute flat sandals, simple bangles and make a style statement this coming summer with your maxi dress.



Maureen Ojunga is the newest Health enthusiast in town. She is also a gadget freak and a lover of all things WINE! Besides being a lover of life, she enjoys writing Relationships and Sex pieces and is also an Interior design junkie.

  • Sostrc

    I think it would have been wise of you to show Kenyan girls in such clothing. It is senseless to make an inference to Nairobi (Kenya), yet it is evident that these aren’t Kenyan girls. Terrible and pathetic.

  • Melissaakiki

    Sostrc, the main idea was to show the different designs of maxi dresses which can be found easily in Nairobi, Kenya btw.  Don’t be so closed minded

    • betty

      i love the dresses, where can i buy them?

  • Nakhulo Khaimia

    Sostrc the main reason for the above is to give an idea on the kind of dresses we should be looking for not  the models wearing them. I believe we can get this at a cheaper price any place. Thanks Capital Lifestyle for such pieces  I always look forward to reading them.

  • Peter Mahlin Sweden

    How could anybody imply that the attack was a hoax? Did she destroy her own bowels?

    “/…/ As the story gradually snowballed, the police eventually got the names of all six rapists, but they are yet to be arrested or punished for their heinous crime. Liz is now paralysed, in a wheelchair and has lost control of her bladder and bowels./…/”

    Aalia Suleman in New Age Islam
    Nebila Abdulmelik’s Facebook status:
    “We’re hearing reports that Inspector General Kimaiyo is now denying that Liz got raped at all. This only points to his consistent inconsistencies and of how little regard they have for the security of their citizens.

    Our meeting with his office yesterday and the remarks he has made today are in complete incongruence. They’ve done a 360, but they won’t be let off easy. We will not yield until there is #JusticeForLiz and all others who suffer similar fates.

    There’s another case of a six year old who was raped, now has fistula – police told the father to get her some medical assistance and “when she healed” they would take her report. And yet the office is complaining that Liz and her mom reported late – which is not true. At the same time officers are asking survivors to report at a later date. #NoMoreImpunity ”

    Naisola Likimani Dinah Musindarwezo Awuor NyaKakiimba Nyarchula Deborah Fatimat Omowunmi Dauda Natsai Mhosva

    • A Friend

      And don’t forget the case in Meru where the court ordered the police and prosecutor to reopen several rape cases because of the terrible way they were handled in the first place.

      This problem needs to be kept in the public eye. Good work.

  • We are yet to reform our justice administration system and that’s how we let dangerous criminals walk. Kibaki in his term commuted the death sentences 4000 convicted murders to life sentences. The people perpetuating kidnappings and robberies run their criminal enterprises from their death row cells. Unless we start enacting the law, we are headed to the dogs.

    We haven’t got a forensic lab. The police recruitment is wanting and corrupt in its entirety; Dental formula, height , D+ and Athletic ability. Makes you wonder how these qualifications fit the job.

  • omundustrong

    This is a very sad ordeal for the little innocent soul. Her future has now been completely wrecked and what remains to be seen is the kind of help she will get from you and me to help her be a child again.
    Regarding the police response, it was slow,sluggish and amateurish to say the least. Equally, the society is at fault for redefining what form of justice can be meted out on criminals and the forum to do that. The culture of sorting out sexual crimes within the boundaries of what is deemed as societal norms has resulted into increase in number of defilement and rape. This is the quagmire that we find ourselves in and no amount of blame game is going to change that.
    What I know is that the degenerates who descended on little Liz will definitely be apprehended and made to face the full force of the law.
    Get well little one.

  • Sharon Davie

    In the midst of tragedy, I salute the courage of the people of Kenya who persistently fight gender violence in so many ways. I have had the honor of meeting some of you in the 5 years I have been traveling from the U.S. to interview and learn from Kenyan women–and some Kenyan men–who provide leadership in stopping rape and other gender violence, as well as those Kenyan women, and some Kenyan men, who provide leadership in stopping violence against women through supporting economic empowerment of women (which extends to their families), education for girls and women, and leadership development for women. Gender violence exists in every country. You are a model for the world.

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