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  1. Guest October 12th, 2013 at 6:42 am

    Some things got me thinking that the whole operation was planned by the government and that there were no real terrorists, it appears that the government wanted to benefit from the loot of the west gate mall.

    1. guest October 13th, 2013 at 7:13 am

      Are you serious?
      you must be kidding?
      Or you want to hear other peoples view, those who are negative as you are!

      1. Kwessi Pratt October 15th, 2013 at 5:01 pm

        Guest guest, kidding? Why use the same name? Or only one “guest” is talking to himself?

  2. Kwessi Pratt October 12th, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    Kenya is essentially a colonial state. Only that colonizers are local tribal chiefs with very little regard for the ordinary man. I guess, thats why security failures are quickly transfered to that little man! Havent you noticed that while top guys are not willing to take blame for Westgate fiasco, they are willing to introduce so called “nyumba kumi” security plan? This is hyphocrisy of the highest order. A senator reported intented plan to attack the mall and he was quickly brushed aside. Even plans are reportedly underway to throw him out of his party! Victims also pointed out a suspected terrorist at the scene but they were also ignored. And instead of lords of impunity being forced to swiftly close security lapses, we are again turning to that overtaxed little man to pass blame, or hide behind him!

    Security in this country Bwana PK is largely being messed up by tribal lords tasked to protect us. Chances are that they were drinking somewhere and exchanging tribal pleasantries when the Mall was burning. They only showed up after their bosses called them. As colonizers, they ignored calls from their juniors. But to cover them, we have to turn to Stalinist acts like “nyumba kumi” that have no place in a democratic society. Merchants of impunity have to be covered at the expense of Mwananchi! Is it an accident that most of the laws passed since independence have been anti-people, merely geared to pumish that little cashcow? Had one of the tribal chiefs been killed at the Mall, most of our security guys would be jobless by now. However, that overtaxed little man is the one who went through hell and thats his problem as far as impunity lords are concerned.

    Kenya lost her fundamentals soon after independence. And unless a new way of doing things is embraced, we WILL keep on repeating same same mistakes. Thats why “we have to move on” as if nothing happened! Havent you noticed how this ICC matter has been approached from the start? Mr. Joshua Sang is not even an item! Those “little poor men” who died during PEV have been reduced to nothing. But suspects have gone on to lead us without a hitch. And every time you suggest thats not right and is even against our constituion, you are declared a sellout. For how long Mr. PK the country is going to revolved around selfish individuals who have no regard for the little man they endlessly milk dry? And as the Westgate Mall incident clearly showed, our security response is the problem NOT our capacity to handle such. Nevertheless, failure to install Stalinist “nyumba kumi kumi” security plan was the reason why lost the mall to terrorists for four long days! We are indeed a colony held hostage by tribal selfish interest!!!!


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