Trend alert: Check mate!

If there’s a look that makes our male counterparts look put together and one that I absolutely love is the check shirt look.

Check shirts look good on all men but one should be keen when choosing their check colors because there are some colors that work for some people and not everyone (know which colors work for you). There are those who look really dapper in subtle black and white checks and others with the bold reds, blues and greens. If you are not sure which color works for you, you can always ask the sales people to be the judges as you try on several colors.

Every man can wear a check shirt and look dapper and I’m talking about the casual check shirt which is a fashion statement on its own.

Whether dark or light skinned, the check shirt can do any guy justice or is it the other way round?

Go for shirts with quality fabric. They may be more expensive but they last much longer. The cheap ones look kind of tacky especially after a few washes.

For a rugged manly look…fold the sleeves of your long sleeved check shirt (the two fold technique works best). The sleeves should fold just lower than your elbow.

The fit also really matters. Know your size and go for a shirt that looks like it was made specifically for you. Wearing a plain tee underneath your shirt also helps to complete your look.

Paired with a dark pair of jeans (be it black or a dark blue) a pair of good shoes and you got yourself a winner.

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