The “Chips” generation

I can’t remember that well where I read this but somebody said we live in a great time, a time where most people have the ability to reach their potential and succeed in anything. That the 20th/21st century is a great time.

I’d agree with him and put a heavy co-sign, apart from the tribal animosity and political stupidity, yes, it is great to live now…I’m sure if somebody had found spectrum cure to STI’s it would have been more awesome.

Anyway, I was on the chips thing. I’ll start by stating the following facts about myself:

•I’m not the most moral person in the world but I’m nice

•I come off as pervy sometimes, but the nice kind

•I love pretty girls

In this age when “chipoing” has become the in thing we have to take a reality check on what the hell is going on. Basically to “chipo” implies I can walk into any club especially on a Friday, meet a girl for the very first time and on Saturday morning leave her a note on the bedside saying “Dear stranger, had a nice time. Thanks, keep well”.

Again, you won’t find me on the news ranting about what is African, “unAfrican” or moral, because I basically don’t possess those, but I have something called knowledge and common sense. Why I say that…? I’ll explain.

Years of sitcoms and probably peer pressure have basically programmed us with this one fact: It’s awesome to screw as many people in this lifetime as we can because those notches in your bed give you a 1Up over your friends. Do we really think…Is it something to be proud of? Are our goals meaningful?… because from what I gather most ambitions stem along this line, get a job, then get a car to be ferrying tail (funga) to the crib. That’s why most people just need an SQ, a place to eat, sleep and do the deed.

For some women their idea of being a strong independent woman is to have the above things and be able to screw as many guys as possible without being labelled a slut maybe sexually assertive or “exploring their sexuality”.

What a man can do a woman can do better, right? Yeah, it is the age of independence and enlightenment.

Does that satisfy you? Are you happy with that type of life?

Picture this…” I have a job I really hate that pays me shit, and a jackass of a boss who makes me miserable, but you know what? All I have to do is suck it up till Friday, then I can get drunk, get laid and all the stress is gone” then on Sunday evening, “Oh no, tomorrow another week begins! Oh no Monday! FML [initialising zombie mode]!!!”

But you know what?  Complacency is not the real problem in the “funga” generation, because it is a matter of personal choice and nobody can really influence where you settle your ambitions.

I really have no problem with lack of ambition in most people; neither do I have a problem with the fact that people have sex not primarily to satisfy themselves sexually but to satisfy their ego in the eyes of their friends .a.k.a a tool. My problem is the HIV/AIDS prevalence.

So by now some people will be going “Woi he is going to start that talk we’ve heard of a million times before, read in the pamphlets, and on the walls of that ka-clinic.” Actually no, and I don’t care whether you have to take ARV’s for the rest of your life.

You know what I care about? I care about people dying around me. Condoms don’t work all the time, there is always that risk that it will slip somewhere and someone will pick some dumb disease that controls their life forever. I care because in my trying not to stigmatize anyone about the condition they may have stupidly picked, I put myself at the risk of getting it myself and joining the band wagon. Of having to pop some pills three times a day for the rest of my life.

It is actually sad to see lives ruined, it’s not just your life you mess up, you also ruin the lives of the people who care about you. You may be living your independent life, but when you get infected and get all weak, you will go back home to your family, you will drag all your problems to them.

Like it or not, people still talk in hushed tones about the disease and it’s your family that will bear the brunt. Life with AIDS is not all that glamour bullshit you see on TV about overcoming and living your life as normal and “mending the ribbon”. When you prick yourself with a pin, kitchen knife or just stab your toe and blood comes out, people WILL go white in fear and tiptoe around you. Enlightened or not, nobody wants to be you. That is the reality of AIDS.

Life will be expensive, life will be lonely, no more random partying…unless you’re the vindictive type that wants to spread and revenge (BTW that is illegal). The only thing worse than having AIDS would be having AIDS behind some lonely cell with the opportunist diseases having a field day on you.

So next time you are at that ka-pub, your friends goading you to nail that ka-eye candy that gave you the ka-look, remember there could be consequences. I know that it’s old fashioned but you can also get a lot of tail even when you are patient. Don’t just jump in there, take your time with her, a potential one night stand could turn into something else that adds meaning to your life, people sometimes surprise you. Remember, she could have hooked up with somebody else but she hooked up with you, she was the one that caught your eye.

If that scenario doesn’t work for you then ask yourself, are you doing this because you want it or are you doing it because you’re your friends’ bitch? If this one doesn’t work either, you could catch AIDS and you will die the slowest inhumane death possible, you will battle skin disease(herpes), diarhoea, chest infections(TB), name a disease that at most times is just annoying(homa) and goes away in a few hours and you can’t remember you ever had it. With AIDS that ka-seemingly useless disease will own you! It will pound your body and it will try to destroy you, and you are not assured it will come alone. It will bring friends, mean as hell friends and they will MESS YOU UP! And you will eventually die because even with their billions, the scientists don’t have a pretty little pill that makes it all go away.



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