New World Record for hybrids


July 27, 2011 – The Guiness Book of World Records for the longest hybrid-vehicle parade has been broken, or maybe it was for the quietest parade ever?

It took 208 hybrid cars to shatter the previous 2010 record set in Belgium of 140 hybrid cars.

The hybrid cars regulated their speed slow enough so that they could stay on battery power, and as a result, the procession was one of the quietest parades ever.

The amazing part was only a total of 4 gallons or 15.14 litres of gasoline was used by all of the participants over a 3.4km track!


  • Wow amazing Parade. It would be really exciting to watch 208 Hybrid cars one after other.

  • Dee

    Oh, so u unleash tyranny of numbers? We r not fools Mr. Sycophant! Referendum for things that affect us, like tax on basic commodities and more cash for counties and not for cases of 3 men. Have u ever had a referendum for a chicken thief? Be realistic…or get another hobby that is not writing.

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