Ladies think about sex 5 times a day vs. men’s 13

July 26, 2011In his book, The Descent of Man, Charles Darwin asserts that ‘man is more courageous, pugnacious and more energetic than woman, and has more inventive genius’ (1874, p552). Of course this is a misconception rather than a biological fact. As scheduled during development, the testes in fetuses produce, Testosterone (T) then gets converted to Estrogen through aromatic conversion and bathes brain cells leading to masculinization.

A mistake or poor timing for the converted estrogen hormone could mean a female-type pattern brain in a male child.

There’s more. Testosterone is also converted into a more efficient hidydrotestosterone (DHT) that strongly binds to receptors than does T; and with this, those with female-typical bodies could get male-type brains on exposure to DHT.

T also raises arginine vasopressin hormones during arousal playing a vital role in males.

A masculinized brain is an entity. In the brain, there are cells called intermediate nuclei of anterior hypothalamus (INAH) that grow larger than those in females. This is due to exposure to T and leads to sex-typical psychological and behavioral differences.

5 and 13 times a day

A recent study in revealed that women think about sex an average of 5 times a day and men, a whopping 13 times a day. This is mainly due to Testosterone.

Testosterone is produced in relatively large quantities by males and in far lesser quantities by females.

Both males and females do manufacture, through Adrenal Glands, equal amounts of T, and up to ten times as much is manufactured in the male gonads.

Very small (but biologically significant to contribute to sexual desire) quantities of Testosterone are manufactured by the female Ovaries up until Menopause occurs.

After menopause, approximately 35% of females experience reduced libido due to the cessation of T production.

In men, T is produced over a 24 hour cycle, with the highest levels occurring in the morning. This is the main reason why men wake their partners up early in the morning for you know what. In fact, the higher the T levels in you, the better for men.


Testosterone as a WMD

This hormone has been known to cause men to take more risks, with the aim of attracting a mate and intimidating other males.

According to a report from Social Psychological and Personality Science, pretty girls are known to turn men into daredevils.

The study showed that men had a 39% increase in testosterone levels while dangerously skating when stared at by women than when not being watched at all.

These behaviors are purely due to the effect of normal T levels in the blood.

There could be more negative effects if high T levels were injected such as;

  • Excessive body hair growth in females
  • Indirect male pattern baldness
  • It is claimed that Testosterone “feeds” Prostate Cancer cells. As a result, those with prostate cancer are “castrated”.
  • Increased aggressiveness.
  • Gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in males)

Other than a WMD, T may be good for your health too; It helps fight heart attacks, improve alertness, increase muscle mass and strength, fight depression, and reduce effects of early menopause.

By the way, testosterone is a good contraceptive used by men. When used as a male contraceptive, an injection of 200 mg of Testosterone Enanthate is normally administered per week.