BBA: Luclay is fake, Karen stinks!


July 26, 2011 – Kenya’s Millicent Mugadi is still crying after nearly making it to the finals of this year’s Big Brother contest, but through her tears she can say for sure that Luclay is fake and Karen, well, just stinks.

Speaking to Capital FM on phone, the actress said that she cried after learning there would be two winners and not one in Biggie’s Amplified edition this year.

“I was like, no, I should have been one of the winners!”

Millicent said however that she had no regrets about leaving and was confident that she was ejected from the show because she posed a threat to Nigeria’s Karen and the South African actor Luclay.

Though she doesn’t  have any issues with them per se, she did not hesitate to speak candidly about what she really thought of the contestants. Those who were and those who are.

When Italia of Capital FM’s rock show The Fuse asked her about the different smells in the house as expected of many people in one confine, Millie said slowly that ‘Karen’ smells the most!

“It’s true, she’s a mess. That girl is a mess. You get her ngotha (underwear) in your stuff, eish that’s untidy,” she said.

Karen is touted as one of the stronger contenders to win this BBA contest, and so is Luclay and Sharon O of Uganda. The Kenyan was of the opinion that the person who should win is the one who displays African morals.

“You’re intelligent. Read between the lines. I want somebody with African morals. Somebody that you can look up to and say you know what? I want my girl to see her as a role model. A true African woman, her words, her actions portray a true woman.”

Millicent then accused Luclay of being a completely fake person.

“He’s so fake, he doesn’t even let anyone in. He just likes talking about girls but can never tell you things to your face. Even when there is an issue, he will not come and approach you like straight, he will just go out and scream. He will rant in front of the cameras for people to see that he’s the man…”

Millie said that though it looks easy from the outside, its tough being in the house and almost impossible to have a strategy.

“Ach! Its crazy, too much pressure, temper, people have big egos. Everybody wanted to show each other like, I’m the one, I’m the ish of the house, you know I’ve got it all, I’m pretty, I’m smart, I’m intelligent – so it was just like trying to put each other down. I decided to just be myself and do the real me.”

She said she tried not to be distracted by the men in the house because her eyes were on the cash. No doubt she will shed a few more tears after realizing that she just missed out on about Sh900,000 which Biggie will give to each finalist – even the winners!

Outside of Big Brother, Millicent is keen on building her acting career, whether in Nigeria or in Kenya.

Big Brother Amplified winds up on Sunday, July 31, where two winners of $200,000 each will be revealed.

Millie, whose mtaa (hood) is Ziwani, says one of the things she missed most from home is Chapati Madondo (chapati and beans) from a place called ‘Mugambiz’.


  • Cir

    if we see her in Nigeria, we will stone her!!!! Ignoramus!!!!

  • Nikki

    Milly, you wanna act in Nigeria and call Karen a stinker…land at the airport first and we shall ‘press play’!!!!

    • Mlavive

      I am with you.Just try landing at the airport and you will be amazed how big this your stink is .Idiot loser!!! try someone not Karen

    • Nikki

      Millie I am so sorry you will never makecit in life with your attitude,learn to LOVE. Karen gave you a lot of things:Clothes,underwear,e.t.c in the house and you collected it,now she stinks.My dear even Weza said Karen deserves the money, only three witches dined the poor girl of her destiny.GOD is the ultimate.

    • Nikki

      Millie I am so sorry you will never makecit in life with your attitude,learn to LOVE. Karen gave you a lot of things:Clothes,underwear,e.t.c in the house and you collected it,now she stinks.My dear even Weza said Karen deserves the money, only three witches dined the poor girl of her destiny.GOD is the ultimate.

      • Shuny

        Thanks Nikki ,I guess the three witches are Vampire,Kim{man fighter},Millie the stone face.

    • Mamacita

      Nikki,dnt mind her…We r voting Karen n we will put her n Luclay as d winners much 2 millipede’s shame.

    • Imangsj

      We shall baptise her with pure water…she hasnt seen the reverse side of Naija hospitality, ask 50cents… sorry looser!!!

  • Nairobiman

    Millipede,expect ‘boko haram’ reception in lagos.
    You dont mess with naija.Get dat 2 ur f**king brain!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aisha

    very unfortunately u saying this millie when u ,sharon zero,n felicia have a more stinking attitude ”GOSSIPS’. U better kiss ur nollywood career bye we will lynch u 4 insulting our daughter karen n our son luclay

  • Aishaa

    Stone face millepede ,thanks for showing ur true self so u r fake n that was acting in d chat room where u fill sorry 4 karen. u say that to get votes fortunately Africa saw through d fake cry. i repeat dont come to naija for busi bcos we all stink n we will stink u

  • louladai

    pathetic loser, u just come to naija first.

  • Yemo79

    milli u are so stupid. Okay karen didnt stink when u collected her swim wear, clothes etc?? u are very sick to even think u can build a careern in Nigeria after insulting Karen.

  • Oyaize4real

    Milicent old woman, you re even older than beautiful confidence. don’t u ever step to Najia. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu stink too.

  • Uca4u

    Olodo you call Karen names and you want to act in Naija, you’ll sure be dealt with, cos we Nigerians back our words with actions, don’t dare us o

  • chipepe

    milipede is gramatically challenged. I’m still trying to recover from the jolt of her bomb; “when the gossiper is gossiped” YEYE BUSH PIKIN!

    • Giftpeters2

      milipede u idiot…..dnt worry, wait till 31st of july and watch the stinking karen and fake luclay win the 600usd. Am very sure you are still in the hotel room waiting for the finale. That day, you will cry blood. Don’t carry that your acting career and your rotten half scanty rough scruffy vulture-like, old woman anty’s hair. We dont want pple like you in Nigeria. Stupid girl

  • Mamacita

    millipede…..u make me laugh…U no y?..cos i tink d mirrors u own have been deceiving u…In d BBA house,no mata wat dey did,wat make up dey used,dey jos couldn’t get ur worwor,shapeless face rite…I cud smell ur own stink frm ma TV…everytime u face came on,my dog barked n hid cos u luk like a monster…U tuk Karen’s clothes (d supposedly smelly girl),u claimed 2 like her etc…Luclay is fake cos he didn’t f’++k u rite?..He likes Weza..Dat mins all Weza said bout u wer true…Ur jos an ova used,frustrated,decomposing bitch…Even in dis picture,u luk like an ape in d kenyan jungle…Go get a life whore…All d men oda women wanted in d house wer d ppl u went after…Nobody took u serious…Nollywood don fly u pass…We’d rada give an actin part 2 a dog dan give it 2 u…ZOMBIE.

  • troy


    • Mamacita

      Hahahahahahahahaha…na rili kpof kpof…..see dis dirty zoo rat wit her fat waist n dirty skin dey call our Karen stinkin…Stinkin don win money oh..

  • Dave

    Millicent thanks for pointing it out…..cos u will be home,peeping at the tv from ur neighbours window when STINKING Karen will take the STINKING $$$$ home!!!!

  • Haba !!! Millicent ? Noooooo !!!! How cld you describe people whom you met on this show with such words, besides they are not here to reply. It goes to show that Africa was right to kick ur dirty ass out. YOU, A THREAT TO KAREN AND LUCLAY?? Your even more stupid than i had imagine. Well, watch the two take the money home and eat your hearts out. Sour looser !!

  • Liz Akase

    Clearly Millicent has not learnt anything in this BBA game. It is her mouth that got her out- unlike those left in the house like her friend Sharon O, Wendall, Lomwe and Hanni, she does not know when to speak and when not to speak; when to drink and when not to drink. LEARN TO CONTROL YOUR BIG MOUTH- and I am Kenyan who voted for you always!!!

  • B4tra24

    what a shame..this girl is such a low life

  • Imangsj

    See her canoe mouth….whor whor girl!!!

  • Imangsj

    She for ask 50cents how far..we will pull a fast Eedris  Abdulkareem on her make she no worry!!!

  • Ziwani

    Idiot Millicent. I’m sure your mouth STINKS like ‘ngotha’ because of too much gossip. You talk of African morals and role model and you think you deserve to win. You’ve forgotten how you kept flexing your fat, ugly backside in tiny shorts at the cameras right from day one! Role model my ass! Your ugly laps that resemble the untarred roads in Kenya! You shouldn’t have made a mask during your horror task. Your face is sufficient!

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