BBA: Luclay is fake, Karen stinks!

July 26, 2011 – Kenya’s Millicent Mugadi is still crying after nearly making it to the finals of this year’s Big Brother contest, but through her tears she can say for sure that Luclay is fake and Karen, well, just stinks.

Speaking to Capital FM on phone, the actress said that she cried after learning there would be two winners and not one in Biggie’s Amplified edition this year.

“I was like, no, I should have been one of the winners!”

Millicent said however that she had no regrets about leaving and was confident that she was ejected from the show because she posed a threat to Nigeria’s Karen and the South African actor Luclay.

Though she doesn’t  have any issues with them per se, she did not hesitate to speak candidly about what she really thought of the contestants. Those who were and those who are.

When Italia of Capital FM’s rock show The Fuse asked her about the different smells in the house as expected of many people in one confine, Millie said slowly that ‘Karen’ smells the most!

“It’s true, she’s a mess. That girl is a mess. You get her ngotha (underwear) in your stuff, eish that’s untidy,” she said.

Karen is touted as one of the stronger contenders to win this BBA contest, and so is Luclay and Sharon O of Uganda. The Kenyan was of the opinion that the person who should win is the one who displays African morals.

“You’re intelligent. Read between the lines. I want somebody with African morals. Somebody that you can look up to and say you know what? I want my girl to see her as a role model. A true African woman, her words, her actions portray a true woman.”

Millicent then accused Luclay of being a completely fake person.

“He’s so fake, he doesn’t even let anyone in. He just likes talking about girls but can never tell you things to your face. Even when there is an issue, he will not come and approach you like straight, he will just go out and scream. He will rant in front of the cameras for people to see that he’s the man…”

Millie said that though it looks easy from the outside, its tough being in the house and almost impossible to have a strategy.

“Ach! Its crazy, too much pressure, temper, people have big egos. Everybody wanted to show each other like, I’m the one, I’m the ish of the house, you know I’ve got it all, I’m pretty, I’m smart, I’m intelligent – so it was just like trying to put each other down. I decided to just be myself and do the real me.”

She said she tried not to be distracted by the men in the house because her eyes were on the cash. No doubt she will shed a few more tears after realizing that she just missed out on about Sh900,000 which Biggie will give to each finalist – even the winners!

Outside of Big Brother, Millicent is keen on building her acting career, whether in Nigeria or in Kenya.

Big Brother Amplified winds up on Sunday, July 31, where two winners of $200,000 each will be revealed.

Millie, whose mtaa (hood) is Ziwani, says one of the things she missed most from home is Chapati Madondo (chapati and beans) from a place called ‘Mugambiz’.

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