BBA: What makes a perfect contestant?

July 25, 2011 – Aside from being the only Big Brother contest that had just one steamy sex scene, the obvious is not very apparent on the set of the Amplified housemates.

For instance, why is Sharon O still in the game? And the same can be said for Wendall, Hanni and Luclay, according to me.

The question that rises from this is what exactly makes a successful Big Brother contestant? Do you have to entertain in terms of controversy? Must you be easy on the eye? Must you have the guts to just be you? Should you be a good dresser? Would it help if you had sex with someone in the house? What about your character, does it matter if you’re good or bad?

Looking randomly at the seven contestants left: Karen, Vina, Sharon O, Luclay, Wendall, Hanni and Lomwe – one would suggest that you should have at least three of those traits to make it this far and add a big old pot o’ luck to that.

It’s the same pot that has encouraged Kenyan BBA fans (some of them) to put the weight of their votes behind Sharon O, as a representative of the East African region.

After all these years of watching and only getting one win from Tanzania, Kenyans want to rally behind Sharon O, also because Uganda stood out to support Millicent this past weekend.

The remaining Kenyan contestant did not make it unfortunately, and was chucked out alongside the shady Kim and the very opinionated Vimbai.

(Capital Lifestyle has slotted an interview with Millicent and we will share with you her thoughts and aspirations on Tuesday, July 26 so watch out for that).

So which two contestants of the top seven do you think deserves your vote? For a little reminder to help you make that crucial decision that will change the life of the winners, click here.

On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate Big Brother Amplified?

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