Massive age gap…is it the in thing?

July 22, 2011 – We were recently having a discussion  at some backfired house party (there was a black out) where some girl shared with everyone how her best sex ever was with a 68 year old French guy. She is about 24 which makes the age gap (I just had to calculate quickly in my head) between them a whole 44years! (44 years = a fully mature person).

While some people gasped in shock, some were all saucer eyed while some threw bizarre questions at her like “Did he smell of death?” “Did he die in the middle?” “You slept with someone’s grandfather?”…. but she didn’t mind, she was just proud to share and laughed at everyone’s expression. She looked happy, and fond of her great sex partner … she had the look of “if I hadn’t left France when I did I would still be having out-of-this-world sex with HIM.”

Left: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones who have a 25 year age gap and Right: Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart who have a 22 year gap between them

Well, I’m not sure about the 60 something year old, but I know nowadays the 40 something year old man reigns in today’s young “woman-kind’s” world. You never know where love or great sex will take you nowadays; it could be shared with the oddest of people that no one would even expect you to be involved with.

I know in areas where arranged marriages are still the norm, young girls are married off to really old men but then again that is just part of their culture and there’s not much that can be done about it …but of late people are doing the age gap thing because they want to and because they are comfortable with it. It’s not a big issue anymore.

The whole much older guy and young woman thing used to be frowned upon in the cities. You’d be known as the infamous guy in town aka “sugar daddy” popular for preying on young girls but now it is being embraced because that’s the scenario everywhere you turn.

I know of someone who is dating a much older guy than herself, (maybe a 25 years gap) but she explains to me what they have.  She can’t get over how well he treat s her. How caring he is and how he doesn’t pressure her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. She says that he’s a guy who has lived a full life, he is successful, takes care of himself and mostly her…he’s been there and has done that. Says he brings his A-game in bed, and he doesn’t have time to play games.

She emphasizes on the fact that with this guy, everything works in her favor. He is not a hustler and is in fact financially stable so he provides and helps her out all the time. He knows exactly what he wants out of life because he’s been around for forty long ones so all he is up to is help her get there and do that too. And no, she has never had daddy issues, she is just smitten.

What I gather is that most guys well in their 40’s are probably divorced, were employed for a couple of years, started their own business at some point, tasted fatherhood and are now just happy to be alive so why not just live life? Well, I don’t know about the ending of such relationships, I’m not even sure how it all ends up after the honeymoon stage of the relationship is over all I know is that it is so happening  around m e and I’m seeing it daily going around and I’m not fazed anymore.

If you can hold a conversation, have fun together, understand each other and make each other happy then what else can you look for in a relationship? After all, he is a guy and you are a girl.  As much as some say that the 40 something year old man is going through a mid-life crisis, some beg to differ.

Since it is so there in your face,  the next time you bump into your friend with a much older guy in tow, don’t give her the stink eye and don’t ask “is this your uncle?” just nod in understanding  and be on your way. Besides there are people who massive age gaps between them and have been together for long.

They say, the older the wine the better? Yes? No? So I assume, the older the guy the better he is?

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