STL, Mohombi do the Hula Hoop

July 21, 2011 – Musician Stella Mwangi has teamed up with newcomer heartthrob Mohombi in the latest track release from her upcoming album Kinanda.

The Song, Hula Hoop, is a solid indication that the singer may have shed her hip-hop persona for the moment, at least as far as this new album goes.

Hula Hoop sounds a bit like the STL track released just before it – Lookie Lookie. It has better beats though and would do well in a loud dark club.

Mohombi Moupondo is a Swedish/Congolese musician and dancer, who sings better than he dances (if you ask me). He just went solo after breaking off from hip hop band Avalon in 2008, where he sang alongside his brother Djo.

He is well known for his August 2010 released Bumpy Ride (which is why I say he can’t dance) and the song was top ten in several European countries.

Bumpy Ride was the best seller in Mohombi’s debut album MoveMeant.

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