New Galaxy tab unveiled to take on iPad


July 20, 2011 (AFP) – South Korea’s Samsung Electronics launched a new version of its Galaxy Tab in its home market Wednesday in a bid to lure consumers away from Apple’s iPad.

Samsung, the world’s second-largest mobile phone maker, also said it would in August launch an updated version of its Galaxy S smartphone in the US market, which is dominated by Apple’s iPhone.

The company has already released its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in five overseas countries including the United States.

The tab, powered by Android’s Honeycomb 3.1 developed for tablet PCs, features a 10.1-inch (25.6 cm) touchscreen display rather than the seven-inch display for the previous model.

It is the world’s thinnest tablet, measuring 8.6 millimetres, Samsung said. The price will start at 671,000 won ($634) in the home market.

Samsung said the seven-inch tab was optimised for portability, while the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was best suited for multimedia consumption and web browsing.

“It is very thin… and weighs just as much as a cup of takeout coffee,” the company said in a statement.


  • Andrewmutuma


  • Jossi Tinga

    So God help us

  • Boniface Amimo

    That was a brilliant analysis and I agree with you very much

  • Dickens Ndikwe


  • Kennedy Msema Kweli

    Well Spoken Wise Man; such events are spoken of in the Bible. GOD help and protect Kenya. Eccl 4:1 “I saw the tears of the oppressed— and they have no comforter; power was on the side of their oppressors— and they have no comforter”

  • Teddy Mwatela

    Naked Truth, Wise Senior Counsel!

  • shalom

    Anyone who kills devolution will not thrive, 1964 is not 2013. Yes this is a nice analysis yet taking us backward not forward. The jubilee Gvt has allocated money for the devolved system of gvt then do we wish to state that we are back to 1964…Old thinking will be overtaken….this is early to say all what we are hearing but it is good for the gvt to check on itself. Devolved system is here to stay despite that we must appreciate the challenges associated with it.

  • aluanga

    This was expected. Devolution is on its deahtbed.

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