Muthoni DQ has the keys to the disco

July 20, 2011 – The uber crazy Drummer Queen who was christened Muthoni some 20+ years ago is welcoming you to the disco.

According to the promo clip below it opens on August 1, but has actually been set for two days earlier.

Watch the Welcome to the Disco Promo

What’s the difference between this disco and the ‘hanyez’ you’ve been to you may ask, and to that I would say: it’s whacky?

If whacky to you means strange coloured tights, eclectic drum beats and half fast talking half singing lyrics, then we’re on the same boat. Aye aye, Captain Muthoni?

The single ‘Welcome to the Disco’ is the first track off her upcoming Africa Unsigned EP, and all the celebrities in the promo are (somehow) part of the project.

Muthoni was introduced to the Kenyan market about three years ago as the Drummer Queen under the Penya umbrella. She is now flying solo with both Penya and Africa Unsigned in tow, and trying her best to stretch if not break the barriers of musical comfort.

Her most successful single to date has been ‘Mikono Kwenye Hewa’, which earned her an MTV nomination.

Her latest single before Welcome to the Disco is Life. See below, the full audio version, and feel free to rate it.

(Listen to audio version) Welcome to the Disco – MUTHONI ‘DQ’

“We were in Studio with Robert ‘Wawesh’ Kiboy trying to make an electronic song, but after hearing this beat, Sandra aka ‘The Sapient One’ decided to promptly write to it and we recorded it.

We then shared it with Porgie of Code Red who apart from being a great friend, continues to play a key role in my journey as an artiste. He loved it! We knew it was a great song, what we did not know is how and when to release it,” she says of the genesis of the song.

Welcome to the Disco will be simultaneously released on July 30, 2011 in Holland, London and Nairobi (Club Volar).

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