Do you know your Galito’s chicken?

July 19, 2011 – Do you know your Galito’s chicken?  Galito’s has been serving up chicken to the masses since the mid 1990s, and since 2006, has built a large Kenyan following with stores sprouting throughout Kenya.

It all started with the Portuguese explorers sailing through the east coast of Africa in the late 1400s while on route to India and their discovery of a unique yet strong tasting chilli – Peri Peri.

The secret behind the unique Galito’s flavour is the Peri Peri chilli.  Considered one of the spiciest chillies in the world, Peri Peri adds the ‘je ne sais quoi’ in Galito’s flame-grilled succulent chicken.


A New Appreciation For Galito’s

One of the misconceptions of franchise food is that it’s unhealthy because all of the ingredients are processed.

A short tour through a Galito’s kitchen will definitely inspire new appreciation for Galito’s signature flame-grilled chicken.

From the chicken that has been marinating for 24 hours in a secret recipe created with the freshest of natural ingredients, to the traditional no-nonsense open-flame grilling, and finally, to the finishing touches of a Galito’s chef basting the chicken over the smoking grill with flavours of Peri Peri, Lemon and Herbs, Mild, Hot and even Extra Hot for the chilli enthusiasts; the Galito’s chicken maintains the flavours and charms of a home cooked meal.

The Peri Peri chilli, aside from adding a flavourful punch, also is a nutritious source of vitamin A and C.  Not to mention, grilling chicken is one of the healthiest ways to prepare the meat since it’s not cooked in excessive amounts of unhealthy fats or oil.


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