BBA: Millicent on the chopping block

July 19, 2011 – There are three girls who have made it to the BBA Amplified finals and Kenya’s Millicent is not one of them – yet!

Nigerians Vina and Karen and Ugandan Sharon O were saved from the last nomination in the BBA House this year, as the reality contest draws to an end on July 31.

Millicent is up for eviction along with Hanni, Kim, Lomwe, Wendall, Vimbai and Luclay.

If she is fortunate she will saved by the East Africa vote, to see her become the second Kenyan after Sheila Kwamboka to make it to the BBA finals.

Millicent has so far escaped eviction twice.

Meanwhile, speaking exclusively to Capital Lifestyle last weekend’s evictee Bernadina (Namibia) says she hopes to come to Kenya in the near future.

The 23-year-old Namibian who was ecstatic to see so many people after leaving the house last Sunday said she would come to Nairobi to visit evicted Kenyan contestant Nic.

“He gave me a lot of advice in the House and we really bonded. He has a very good heart and it would be nice to party with him in Kenya,” she said, clarifying though that their encounter will not be romantic.

Bernadina says she wants to try her hand in singing and is also looking to start up a business with her mom.

She’s rooting for Karen and Lomwe to win the BBA prize.

“Karen is real and we have all grown to love her. She has a lovely heart and was very nice to me. I am sure she will win.”

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