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July 18, 2011 (Susan Wong) – Wine culture is on the rise in Kenya.  With already a couple of wine clubs established in Nairobi; the culture of wine and its story of cultivation, appreciation and diversity are becoming an integral part in the Kenyan culinary experience.

Located at the newly expanded Junction Shopping Center, WWW Shop and Bar Ltd., has proclaimed themselves as “The Wine Experts”, and they may just be.

Currently ranked 2nd on Tripadvisor, in the few short weeks of its opening, WWW Shop and Bar Ltd. has definitely given the restaurants in Nairobi a run for their money.

As the name suggests, WWW is both a shop full of bottles upon bottles of the rarest wines in Nairobi, spirits from all over the World and a ritzy bar that serves up delicious bitings, fresh salads, savoury burgers and desserts.

Aside from offering wines that are different than those already found in Kenya, a major part of the WWW concept was to be able to serve champagne by the glass as well.

But what makes WWW truly “The Wine Experts” is their commitment to educating the public in regards to wine culture.

Twice a month, you can enrol in WWW’s wine class, which lasts about 1.5 –  2 hours.  In what looks like a chemistry lab surrounded by bottles upon bottles of WWW’s best, under the tutorage of WWW’s sommelier, a maximum of 14 students will be able to learn the story behind wines and how to optimize a bottle of wine as the wine producers had meant it to be.


Décor. Contemporary and airy feeling.  Oversized wine coolers separate the sitting area from the Wizards Room (where wine classes and tastings are held) and the main bar.

Service. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and wine-savy.

Things to look forward to. Daily business lunch specials and a lengthy wine selection.  You can even order champagne by the glass!

Price. Per glass and by bottle, the prices are reasonable.  In the front of the menu, WWW shares its cost breakdown for wines, which is very much appreciated as the end-user is often charged a lot without understanding where their money has disappeared to.


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The Wizards Room



Wine tasting with the winemaker himself from Simonsig




Fresh salads


Savoury burgers


Creamy desserts


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