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July 18, 2011 – Those days of looking all frumpy and like you’ve been forced to wear an ugly dress that resembles a tent during pregnancy are long gone. Gone with it also is owning two pairs of dungarees that you alternate every two days for the rest of the nine long  months of your pregnancy!

Being stylish while preggers and dressing up your baby bump is in. In fact there are women who do this so well that it makes you want to get preggers as well so that you can also glow.

So, if you are expectant and still in love with your shapeless tents…you are alone! And you will need to get with the times.

Pregnancy fashion must haves

Maxi dresses, flirty dresses, maxi skirts, Drape sweaters, cotton Leggings, Motherhood jeans, Cool t-shirts and tops, Trench coats, trendy Scarves, Wedges, Sandals and of course ballet shoes.

Fashion tips for the expectant

*If you intend to get pregnant soon …start putting some money aside for your new wardrobe which needs to be re-stocked every trimester as your bump grows.

*While out shopping, for your outfits (keeping your growing bump in mind) you need not visit only the maternity sections of clothing stores.

Buy tops and dresses you would wear normally but a few sizes bigger. In that way, you remain ever stylish as you don’t have to depend on the maternity section which might not be well stocked making you buy only what is available… as hideous as they may be. If the item you’ve bought doesn’t fit in all the areas, you could always make adjustments on it or take it to the tailor.

*Buy stuff that you can also wear post pregnancy. Like with the dresses, you could always throw on a cinch belt for a perfect fit.

*Don’t hide yourself in dark colors throughout …do something out of your safety zone. Wear florals and bright colors but at the same time don’t overdo it as you may end up looking really huge and busy.

Still remember that black is slimming, so your pregnancy wardrobe shouldn’t lack a couple of black dresses and several black leggings (which will match with everything).

*Don’t buy clothes that hide your bump…show off your new curves as they won’t last forever 😉

*If you like something and you can afford it, by all means…buy it. If you are afraid you will never wear it again…you could always give it to an expectant friend later as a gift. Spoil yourself silly. At least you have a chance to shop and get yourself a new wardrobe while appreciating your new curves.

Don’t deny yourself the chance to shop.

Refuse to own only 7 dresses that you wear over and over from Monday through Monday, for 9 months until they want to talk and cry for mercy and until people get tired of seeing you.

…So, with those few tips, we can proudly say… “Out with the tents and dungarees, in with glamor for the fabulous expectant mama” 🙂 I bet you will feel great on the inside too.

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