Fans riot over Fally Ipupa

July 18, 2011 (CORRESPONDENT) – Scores were injured at the Mamba Disco Club in Mombasa over the weekend after the much published Congolese Musician Fally Ipupa failed to show up for a concert there on Saturday night.

The well attended concert ended up in drama and demands for a pay-back.

The drama unfolded after midnight when revelers started getting impatient and demanded Fally’s presence on stage, as that is what they had paid for.

Ipupa’s advance crew was at hand to entertain the revelers waiting for the arrival of man of the night to arrive, but soon they wanted the real deal.

Despite the DJ assuring them that the Congolese Musician would indeed appear, the revelers soon realised that the musician was going to be a no show and started demanding their money back.

The chaos peaked at about 2am when frustrated fans managed to break the security barrier and overpowered the club’s bouncers.

Bottles and chairs were being thrown all over the venue, as some revelers scampered for safety.

Property worth millions of shillings was destroyed in the melee.


Photo Credits Susan Wong © All rights reserved.


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