Ole Sereni: A kebab-er’s paradise

July 14, 2011Scenic dining is rare in the urban Nairobi with only a hand full of restaurants with magnificent views. The Big Five Restaurant at Ole Sereni Hotel is one of those rare gems where not only are your taste buds pampered, but your eyes are soothed by the expansive grassy plains of the Nairobi National Park.

This month of July, the Restaurant is launching two evening specials: “Steak Night” and “Kebabs Unlimited.”

The Steak Night offers a modern rustic approach to eating various grilled meats.  Served on wooden cutting boards, the incredible succulent mini ostrich burgers were literally – to die for.  The burgers were plump with the natural juices of the ostrich meat, and with the Chef’s minimal seasoning, the natural and characteristic flavours of the meat were highlighted.  Another must-try would be the Jack Daniels’ marinated rack of ribs.  Sweetly caramelized to perfection and the tender meat literally fell off the bone; these ribs were a heavenly experience.

With handy embroidered bibs that proudly read “Kebabs Unlimited,” you won’t have to worry about keeping your clothes spotless after a long evening of devouring kebabs without any cutlery.  Don’t worry, for the faint-hearted, cutlery may be provided.

Similar to an authentic Indian Kebab place, Executive Chef Kevin Barron and his team really take the kebab experience to another level with their well-seasoned and –marinated meats.

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by at Ole Sereni Hotel yet, both “Steak Night” and “Kebabs Unlimited” is the perfect incentive for first-timers to check out the amazing ambience, expansive views and delicious food at The Big Five Restaurant.


PHOTOBLOG: photo credits Susan Wong

The view speaks for itself


Delicious ostrich burgers


Great ambience



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