Linen oh Linen

July 14, 2011 – The Nairobi weather could be hard to keep track of but for sure it will get warmer in August and when it does, you should be ready dress the part.

Linen is just the perfect fabric to wear in summery weather and I highly recommend it for beach wear.  Linen fabric is a good conductor of heat, highly absorbent and it feels cool to the touch.
Its being highly absorbent makes it the perfect fabric for scarves too. Linen does not only compliment sunny weather, it does that while giving you the right look of someone obeying the weather and looking good doing it.

Linen pants, shirts, shorts…are to die for. They are ever so comfortable making movement in them so easy and they let in the right amount of air hence the preferred fabric for hot weather. In short, they just make life easier 😉 .
When you throw on some linen, immediately you get that cool laid back look. It’s no wonder it is the preferred fabric to wear at the beach.

It dries easily, it is easy to iron…the only downside is that it creases a lot but somehow even with the creases you will still look awesome in linen.

For a stylish look at the beach, throw on linen shorts for a relaxed vibe. The thing with linen is that it is light. You forget you are wearing anything save for the waistline where you have to fasten the drawstring, belt or button. For the ladies, if you need to hide the cellulite as you rock your bikini or swimsuit a tiny pair of linen pants should do the trick of hiding the little “imperfections”.

The thing is, when you combine linen and the beach the cool ocean breeze allows your skin to breathe freely hence leaving you refreshed and feeling all good and your body is kept at the right temperature.

Linen pants pairs stylishly with sandals (to go hand in hand with the letting your skin breathe that we are going for) but depending on the look you want, you can dress up your linen pants with a cool pair of ankle boots (for ladies) or a pair of loafers (for the guys).

If you are pregnant, invest in as many pairs of linen pants as possible. You will forever remain grateful to them (guaranteed! :-))

If you are going on honeymoon or vacation to a coastal town, then pack all the linens you have and be sure to have a fabulous time as you will be leaving your skin to breathe freely.

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