The one shoulder dress is a must own!

July 8, 2011 – They are chic, they are sexy, they make you look like a million big bucks and at least one of them should have a marked territory in your wardrobe. Of course I’m talking about the one shoulder dress!


The “One shoulder” trend was popular a while back but it faded. It was said that they made one look like they were slanting on one side but at least that’s not the case anymore-Unless it has been decided by fashionistas the world over that slanting on one side is the new hot.

The one shoulder trend is back in and with a bang! Now it’s not just about the one shoulder tops as was the case a couple of years back, there are one shoulder dresses, one shoulder gowns which are just all about showing your really stylish, glamorous, feminine side.

With a one shoulder dress, you can never go wrong and in fact you risk being the belle of the ball.

Wear your one shoulder dress to:
* A big event like a gala night – wear a one shoulder gown

* A girl’s night out – one shoulder short dress

* A fashion event
*A wedding
* A party or any special event and you need to stand out.

It gives you that red carpet look, like you belong with all those stylish, rich, glamorous people.

Paired with the right pair of heels you will never go wrong with the one shoulder dress and I’m sure this trend is here to stay so… as it is compulsory to own an LBD (Little black dress), you should own at least one hot one shoulder dress.


Celebrities who love the one shoulder trend


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