July 8, 2011 (Susan Wong) – La Dolce Vita Restaurant located at the Muthaiga Shopping Centre, definitely is the very essence of its Italian name, which means “The Good Life”. 

Popular with the locals, tourists and just about anyone, this hotspot is an authentic Italian restaurant experience which transports you to a small rustic Italian market square in Italy.

The modest but charming outdoor patio is absolutely delightful with the sun cascading through the royal blue patio umbrellas.  The laid-back patio atmosphere is perfect for business lunches and casual dinners, whilst the tastefully elegant and airy interior makes the perfect backdrop to an intimate candlelit meal.  

La Dolce Vita features so many Chef’s specials that deciding on what to order may take a little longer than usual. Whether you’re sipping on your aromatic espresso or enjoying your homemade pasta or indulging in a rich dessert, La Dolce Vita is a delight.

Some of Capital Lifestyle’s favourites are the classic Mozzarella Caprese with La Dolce Vita’s creamy homemade cheese, homemade pasta dishes with its superior textures, and the Millefoglie (a version of a Napoleon).

Décor. Welcoming and laid-back patio.  Interior is filled with an airy feeling with clean white tones.  Great outdoor patio dining space.   

Service.  Don’t be afraid to ask the staff for recommendations – they know their menu. 

Things to look forward to.  The menu changes almost every week depending on what seasonal produce comes in.  If you’re lucky, you’ll find fresh crabs, mussels and even giant prawns; however first come first serve until the stock is finished.  This December will be the Restaurant’s 10th anniversary.  

Price. Prices are very reasonable for the quality, portions and flavours of the dishes. For example the Mozzarella Caprese was Ksh 750. 


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FOODBLOG: photo credits Susan Wong




Samosa Dolce Vita: deep fried samosa with mozzarella and tomato.  Surprisingly delicious version of the regular Kenyan samosas with a crunchy exterior and a gooey cheese filling that melts in your mouth.


Mozzarella Caprese.  An amazing Italian classic with the fresh basil and creamy homemade mozzarella.


Carpaccio di Bresaola.  Thinly sliced Italian Bresaola (a type of cold cut) served on a bed of rucola and parmigiano shavings.  The distinctive flavours of the rucola leaves were appetizing and added the perfect amount of kick to the flavourful Bresaola.


Filetto di Red Snapper alla Genovese: pan-fried red snapper topped with pesto and nuts on a bed of crisps and salad.  Red snapper has a natural firm texture perfect for pan-frying and the sweet flavours of this fish is absolutely delectable.


Lasagne Mare with lobster, prawns and calamari.  Wow, this dish was a meal and a half!  Incredibly creamy and rich; perhaps a little heavy for a non-regular Italian foodie.


Tagliolini al Nero di Seppia all Aragosti: homemade pasta with black squid ink in fresh lobster sauce.  The superior texture of the pasta was addictive and the lobster sauce was flavour-packed.  The lobster chunks were thankfully not overcooked.



Millefoglie.  Yes, that’s a heap of deliciousness.  Puff pastry served with pastry cream and garnished with fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce.  Even though the Capital Lifestyle team was completely full up to this point, we still managed to devour every last strawberry!  Must try!






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Susan Wong is the Editor of Capital Lifestyle, a resident photographer, an award-winning journalist, radio presenter, full-time adventurer, long-time admirer of anything edible, and a spicy food athlete at Capital FM.

  • i was there on one friday evening in December 2011, it was totally packed, the lady i found at the door received me very warmly and showed me to a table. the waiter who served me did not look interested though. The worst part was the food i ordered. i cannot really conclude that they have bad food maybe it is what i had. i ordered sword fish. the fish was horrendous as in really terrible. the serving was very generous but i only ate a very small part of it. its either their food is bad or sword fish is just not pleasant to eat.

    • Cliff

      I went last night and the food was awful! A delicate Malindi Sole had enough salt on it to cure a ham, it was tasteless and virtually inedible. The vegetables were just an excuse, boiled carrots and beans (same on every dish for four at the table). The service ws terrible, we had to ask the wait staff to do everything – please bring the menus please clear the table, please bring the bill etc. The owner just wandered around in a kind of daze, not once did he approach and ask if we were enjoying the food, etc. The Capital FM review was probably a pre-organized paid review, how else could Susan Wong have got it so wrong? This might be an acceptable Italian restaurant in Nairobi, anywhere else in the world and it would have close long ago! Cliff

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