Are you a lady Broguer



July 1, 2011 –I remember I had a pair of black brogues (bought from Bata) when I was about 9 or 10 and I must admit I hated them to tiny shreds. Theyresembled the black pair right below only less shiny.


They were my school shoes for exactly three months because I remember trying to destroy them every chance I got so that I would be bought for a pair of normal little girls’ shoes. The thing is, most of the other kids had way cooler shoes but the brogues had been on the back-to-school promotion offer and I bet my mum was like “Why not? They are affordable and look like appropriate school shoes”. They must have cost below Ksh150 back then I’m sure.

Brogues (call them oxford shoes/flats if you like) are back in! bigger and better and people love them. The brogue is a style of shoe that traces its roots from Ireland and Scotland. They were traditionally a man’s dress shoes (how fashionistas love to create outfits borrowed from their men’s closet so as to add some boyish charm to their outfit). They are low-heeled lace up shoes with decorative designs (known as brogueing).

Modern brogues don’t necessarily have brogueing on them…some have lace/different fabric on them and some are made of two different colors to add on to their stylishness.

I’m really not a flat shoes fan simply because they don’t do me any justice… I’m not exactly the tallest person on earth.

Brogues didn’t exactly die out so that we say they’re back in. They had been around but only those who completely understood their comfort had their secret well kept. The only difference is that they now come in stylish designs and in different colours.

Fashionistas all over the world understand what brogues are all about. They wear them all the time and look awesome while at it.

Brogues are first of all very comfortable, stylish and can be paired with almost any look whether with pants, short skirts, long skirts, leggings, dresses…it’s just up to you to look good in them.

Check out some modern women brogues styles:



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