Sweat suit or Awesome suit?


June 28, 2011 – For a very cool off-duty look, the sweat suit does magic! Think about this… an outfit that makes you look put together without even trying. The only finger lifting you have to do is while putting on your ensemble which doesn’t even take a minute.

I have been in love with sweat suits for a very long time. I got my first pair about 8 years ago and it is still in good condition.

You can never go wrong with the sweat suit simply because it gives you that smart, chilled out casual look. The sporty yet put down-for-whatever look and despite being really comfortable and easy to wear the material it is made out of is very kind to the skin.


When to rock your sweats

Have you noticed how uncomfortable it is to lounge in jeans at home? Especially skinny jeans? Sweats suits are the ideal chilling out outfit. So you will need them when you are on lounge mode.

They make an excellent outfit to do light exercise in like jogging, brisk walking, running the treadmill, biking and even yoga making you look stylish while you are at it. Remember they are made out of this beautiful fleece material that is also very absorbent so sweating is well taken care of.

Wear your sweats when you go out shopping either for household items or clothes shopping (in which case as you try on clothes taking off the sweats and putting them back on is made easy unlike if you were wearing jeans).

Sweats are perfect for when you’re on a pigging out spree.  Like when you go for “brunch” and you intend to eat like there’s no tomorrow. Their elastic, comfortable waistline bands don’t limit you. You can eat and eat and eat and still manage to hide your overeating tummy bulge. They are quite forgiving on the waistline.

Remember their material neither cling onto your skin, nor does it ride up your behind so sweats are really comfortable for walking and driving in.

Your child, can also enjoy the comfort as he/she plays while being a fashionable baby 🙂

When you are meeting up with your boys/girls over the weekend for a polite drink and you are going for the comfortable look, let sweats be your chosen outfit for the evening.


Their fleecy material keep you warm, so they are pretty cool in chilly weather and when they get old you could always use them as your PJ.

After all those reasons, don’t you think it should be called an “Awesome” suit? And now that it’s quite chilly, getting yourself a pair or two wouldn’t be such a bad idea don’t you think?

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