The pea coat: A stylish cover-up



June 22, 2011 – Is it me or are the mornings getting chillier? Count on Lulu to provide you with a way to create a chic Nairobi winter style. There is nothing better for walking out in these brisk, sometimes wet, Nairobi winter mornings than a pea coat.

Considered a classic, the pea coat, once prominent on navy personnel, is now worn by both the sexes (see below pea coat won by man). When worn by women, pea coats have been known as the Jackie-O. 

Pea coats are heavy outer coats made from wool. Over the years small changes have been made to reflect the fashion trends. The 22-32-ounce wool it is often made from has been replaced with a soft shell fabric. Also, its tight fit that often restricted movement has been altered to not only accommodate motion and comfort, but to accentuate our sensual figure. However, let it be clear that the pea coat can still be recognized by its classic vertical pockets, distinct wide lapels, and novel large buttons.

Ladies, I’ll say it again; “you make any style work by sticking to what works for you”. Consider getting a pea coat from LULU today!





Ladies you can get pea coats HERE



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