Official wear needn’t be boring


June 17, 2011 – Nailing the official wear can be a tricky affair…especially for the ladies but this doesn’t mean that it should be left as boring wear.
Ok, I understand that some professions are so strict and therefore they require that you wear a complete suit from Monday to Friday. In such a case, you have to make sure that your suit is the perfect fit.

Pant suits needn’t hide everything. Don’t get pants that are too long such that they sweep the floor (super tacky) or too baggy such that it makes you look shapeless or a coat/blazer that has larger than life shoulder pads or pads that hang loose on the shoulders (you end up looking so frumpy)…Fitting suits can be really sexy…the right suit will show off your lovely curves in the right way.

I recently bumped into a former classmate of mine who is an auditor and I must admit I almost passed her on the streets because she looked so different…much older- than her actual age- and tired (she was wearing an oversized suit in a colour that didn’t do her any justice at all).

Anyway, for those professions that are not strict and only require one to look presentable, you could always play around with fashion. Yes, official wear doesn’t mean boring wear. To accomplish this, there are certain clothing items that are a must have in your closet. These include: A couple of black skirts, fitting pants, a couple of chiffon dresses and tops in different colours. That’s all.

Here are a couple of looks you could try.






That sorted, all you need to do is play around with your outfits, pairing up the skirts with different tops and accessorizing with belts, fashionable necklaces and even bangles (if you are into that kind of stuff).

Remember, you are going to an office so avoid the bare-back tops, spaghetti  tops…but if you have to wear them, throw on a cute sweater or blazer to cover up. Don’t over do it…

Photos borrowed from (an online shop)….from their latest office wear line 59th street designs

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