Hooray!! it’s a wrap


June 14, 2011 – After washing your hair, do you find it rather burdensome trying to hold the towel on your head to keep it from falling?
And as you wait for the towel to absorb the water and dry your hair (assuming you washed your hair at home) you may want to try doing other things. However, the towel on your head will not stay put. You will either have to hold it in place yourself with one hand or keep re-adjusting it.

The good news is that… there’s this head wrap that you can now use stress free. Besides being multi-purpose, it’s stylish and easy to use too. It dries the hair faster and I’m made to believe this saves you time and lessens the chances of damaging your hair as you don’t have to rub the water off (splitting your hair in the process) trying to absorb the excess water from your hair.


Not only is the hair wrap super-absorbent, it is also ultra-lightweight (the towel is quite bulky) and gentle on hair and skin.
Apart from drying hair, the hair wrap is also ideal for: the shower, conditioning hair, coloring hair, facial cleansing, at the spa, sauna and hot-tub (for when you need to keep your hair out of the way).

The hair wrap comes in just one size fits all which means children can also use it.

Using it:
Using the hair wrap is simple as it clasps at the back (some at the front depending on what the designer was going for) and this helps it to stay put on your head.
Simply slip over wet hair, twist the long end and loop it at the back.


It is comfortable, easy on the eyes and easy to clean. Oh! It is affordable too. It retails at Ksh250

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