Kikopey the best Nyama joint?

June 9, 2011 – Nyama Choma, or roasted goat meat is synonymous with the Kenyan experience.  You haven’t been to Kenya if you haven’t tasted some good Nyama Choma.

Kikopey, a strip of meat joints on the side of the highway about 40km from Nakuru, offers locals and adventurous tourists tender Nyama Choma that’s grilled to perfection with a distinct smoky charcoal aroma.  Just a little sprinkle or dip of salt, depending on your Nyama Choma etiquette, will send your taste buds into meat-lovers paradise!

Aside from being tasty and showcasing the charm of ‘local’ Nyama joints, Kikopey also serves up their meats in super quick fashion.  These popular Nyama houses serve so many guests that the meat is constantly roasted like an efficient assembly line – guaranteeing the meat’s freshness and an efficient street-side experience.

Where are your favourite Nyama Choma houses in Nairobi…or in Kenya?  Capital Lifestyle would definitely like to sample them! 


FOODBLOG – photo credits Susan Wong

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