Gallery Watatu angels launch art show

June 3, 2011 – As Nairobi’s oldest art showcase comes back to life, it has chosen to display the works of three women: Kenyan and celebrated artists.

The trio of ladies; Tabitha wa Thuku, Yoni Waite and Annabelle Wanjiku will show off their canvases just barely two months since Gallery Watatu was re-launched.

The Gallery says the all female cast is not necessarily about empowerment, but about exhibiting good art.

New works from these artists will be showcased at the Gallery Watatu this month from the 3rd to the 26th.


– Born in Kiambu, Tabitha has more than 20 years experience in visual arts. She believes that women should deal with male domination head on. In her works, she likes to use earthy colours. Tabitha feels painting is guided by a spirit and so once she starts, she does not stop until she is done.


– Yoni is an American artist who has lived in Kenya for many years. Her works are displayed at several five-star hotels across East Africa.


– Annabelle is from Nyeri. When she was a child she would draw figures in the mud. When she went to school, she discovered paint, and there was no stopping her.

When the Gallery re-launched in April, renowned painter Wanyu Brush was among those featured at the opening.

A day later, he sold one of his pieces to an Italian collector for a cool Sh2 million.

Officials at the gallery say they are planning to feature different artists every other month.