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June 2, 2011 – Many different types of clothing and jewellery exist. Everyone has a unique style, and a slightly different take on the ways that jewellery and clothing should be put together.

An old rule regarding the matching of the two items is that the colour of the clothing should at the very least be similar to the colour of the jewellery. While this can still work it doesn’t have to restrict your style. Mix and match is in and the more the variety the better.


It is great to have an outfit that goes together, but don’t always go monochrome. A colourful, vibrant outfit may require no jewellery, or minimal jewellery.

Your clothes and jewellery should match, but make sure that pieces should also match with the rest of the batch of jewellery. For instance, if one wears pearls, they should go with other classy types of jewellery.  It’s very tricky to mix expensive classic pieces with baubles. Keep in mind that the event you are attending also informs your choice.

The rule is to generally dress up a simple outfit, dress down a vivid or colourful patterned one or go with a few classic pieces. Another crucial consideration with clothes is the neckline.

A V-Neck allows you to go heavy with the neck jewellery since there is a lot of bare skin. However make sure earpieces are not as heavy as they will clash and distract the look.

With a top or dress that has a high neckline you can go with bold, detailed pieces that define the look LOOK_1_844652596.jpgespecially if the colours are monochrome; it looks beautifully put together. With prints and patterns it is trickier but it works fabulously if you identify a colour in the prints to match your jewellery with.

With a round top you can be adventurous and work with both detailed but not too bold neck and ear jewellery. An interesting design is the earring and necklace that is very stunning but needs one to be able to carry off with poise. It will definitely have heads turning.

As you decide on your wardrobe learn to pick out your jewellery with the same care, keeping entire look in mind.




  • Oludavin

    Well said Mr. Ngunjiri, Kenya needs siasa mpya though best on the continuous fight for justice and unity of Kenyans. Looking at the current presidential candidates, only RAO stands a chance of realising the fruits of the second liberation: kenya free from impunity, free from corruption, free from ethinicity, free from drug barons, free from land grabbers, free from insecurity, free from hunger, free from unemployment, free from high cost of living, free from illitracy, free from Athur brothers, free from corrupt incompitent police  force, free from IDPs…! I say RAO because of his past reacord and his stand as the living political hero based on; His fight gainst Moi dictatorship, fight for a second liberation, firght for the new constitution, strong stand on peace deal in Senegal after PEV, Mau conservation, Against Hague process, Introduction of Kazi kwa vijana initiative, demolition of houses on road reserves, tot forgeting the Kibaki tosha among many others that needed risk taking and alot of courage. Raila has passion, ideas and courage. In all these efforts he has been demonised by every evil force but has come out muepe kama pamba.

    • Bmutai

      I just wanted to point out that Rao is not a saint… You’ve glossed him too much! I do agree that he’s better than the other options available, but he’s not the best that we can have.
      Does it strike you or anyone for that matter as strange that Rao has never fired any ‘Luo’ EVER? Either they are exceptionally good (read loyal) workers or that could be his imperfection…
      Just saying… 

  • Anonymous

    Hehehe. Tumekutoa pangoni Saint GONEjiri. You can no longer continue hiding behind vague articles ambiguously alluding to  ‘peace and reconciliation meetings’ or ‘siasa mpya’. Clearly, you now have no choice but to come out in the open and state (as you now have thank you) that you are fronting for Dr Railer himself (PhD in PEV and Anarchy, 1982,2007/8).

    Hata pesa vile zinaingia is public knowledge Saint GONEjiri. That new house in a leafy neighborhood. Your life is suddenly changing for the better bwana. Kudos for the instant ‘savings’. Indeed Change Associates is delivering change that GONEjiri can believe in. Could it be bakshish from the Mahindi scandal? Ama hizo ni za Triton? Maybe KKV? Sisemi kitu! 

    Mambo nikujichanua. Ponyoka na nyumba. Hehehe. I have no hard feelings with mwanaume anatafutia their family. Seriously, ponda mali now while the sun shines. Railer and the Hyacinth Mafia are engorging like there is no tomorrow because they know 2012 is the year of retirement for them. 

    You are free to campaign in Luo Nyanza for Railer and the Hyacinth Mafia. While at it you could give an inspirational pep talk to the stone-throwing subjects of the King of Kondele. I would urge that you focus your talk on how humanity has long transitioned from Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus where stone implements were the in thing. Of course, do not forget to obtain clearance from the King of Kondele lest you become another in a long line of stoned statistics. 

    Next Railer propagandaist on the chopping block?

    • Hachore84


    • kimani waweru

      kumbaf. ata wewe si ujichanue? rumour mongerer.

  • Beatmuthm

     ngunjiri you project will not work some of those you are saying are one of us we have seen them when thy are in power so  you opinion is better for you keep 4 uaself

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