Weddings and gentlemen


June 1, 2011 – The groom always has to look dapper on his wedding day -It is HIS wedding day after all- and he also needs to look at those wedding pics 20 years later and give himself a thumbs up for looking so good on his day.

I’ve always believed that your wedding day shouldn’t be the day you experiment on a new look. A nice suit or tux with a neutral color should just about do it.
I’ve said it’s not time to trying new things simply because we really don’t expect you to buy a red/green /yellow/gold suit for this huge day even if it’s a designer suit-this is assuming we are going with the modern wedding theme. Your bride shouldn’t try to convince you to try on some odd color suit either…even if it matches perfectly with “her” theme (she plans most of it anyway).


The cravat/tie/ascot tie and waist coat (depending on your suit) should do the theme color magic…but please, please not the suit.
Here are some other looks that always work without fail…





1.    You must look dapper…don’t forget to wear a good cologne and a have good hair cut. Also wear a good vest, tie or bow, cuff links..
2.    Your tux should match the weather (fabric wise that is -lighter fabric for when it’s hot …
3.    Your tux should match the time of the wedding (evenings call for more formal wedding -even the  tux shoes- day time shouldn’t be too formal)
4.    Put on that tux with a bit of your natural swag
5.    Shoes, shoes , shoes…get the perfect shoes

…and as I always say, men are so lucky because they can wear everything from their wedding over and over…Invest in the best shoes you can afford!

Tip: Make sure the tux suits your body shape and fits perfectly.

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