• mtu

    The writer works for the jibilee coalition

  • beshte

    The Supreme Court needs to assert its place and Authority as the third force in the Constitution.

    This is a good chance to make themselves really powerful, unlike in the past where most power was held by the executive.

    I really want us to have even up to 5 elections until we get it
    right. The money we will spend for elections will be better used than
    the opposite (It being embezzled in State & County contracts)

    Elections really waste our time, and takes our economy back because everything comes to a standstill.

    I want us to be like Japan where they have up to 2 elections in a year when their Governments collapse.

    We need to make elections be ordinary stuff. Right now its like its
    such a big deal that folks will go to such a great length to rig
    themselves in and make fools of everyone.

    This is the Supreme courts Judges chance to earn their power and
    force us to learn to do things the right way, because we are all just
    too spoiled.

  • beshte

    I hope they don’t sell themselves cheap. I hope they understand they
    are also very powerful now in the new constitution. If they handle this
    case right they their value & Power goes really up, so why cheapen
    themselves with a weak ruling?

    The Supreme Court, Executive, Legislature ( Us Kenyans(raia are the 4th but silent power)

    But like US this is the perfect chance for the Supreme Court to flex and earn its powers.

    The inspector of police too is powerful, & the Governor of CBK

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