BBA’s Don Juan ‘Michael’ is evicted


May 31, 2011 – The Randy Mozambican Michael has rejoined the real world after becoming the third Housemate to get the boot over the weekend.

Guided by instinct, Michael admitted he was nervous just before the evictions and joked: “I hope Sharon’s boyfriend will not be waiting for me outside.”

Michael, who flirted with every female in the house, was especially hard on Uganda’s Sharon in the last few days.

BERNADINA_IK_428771985.jpgBernadina meanwhile was also asked to leave the Heads House, but she was herded off to the Tails House – much to her delight.

As if to cheer Michael up, Angolan sensations Cabo Snoop performed the hit song ‘Windek’, as BBA fans cheered and screamed.

Michael confessed: “I’ll miss the boys and Sharon O a lot.”

This week meanwhile, Ernest (Uganda), Bhoke (Tanzania) and Miss P (Botswana) are up for eviction. The arrogant Luclay would have been on the chopping board again but he was saved by HOH Danny.

Who do you think should get Kenya’s vote?


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