Splurge on that wedding dress


May 30, 2011 – Weddings make us girls go crazy. Whether you are to be a guest at a family/friend’s wedding, (we go crazy looking for the perfect outfit –who wants to look at themselves in a photo and they are the only ones looking so-so) or your own wedding (because you are supposed to be the show stopper).

Most of the time we are accused of going bride-zilla on our friends and loved ones because all we go on about is “my wedding…”
Your wedding is the only time -when you are still alive- when all the attention is focused fully on you. It is your day. Even the tom boys are put in a dress, get to get all dolled-up and pampered for the day…

The big idea here is to keep in mind that cameras are rolling throughout this day as everyone wants to capture this beautiful moment. Memories are forever, so you need to ensure that even after 20 years you will look at your wedding pics and go something like “I totally nailed this beautiful bride look” I know of a friend who is going to regret doing her wedding sans make-up…

That said, shopping for the perfect gown can be a nightmare…What with not getting exactly what you had in mind, or being too undecided and can’t choose which gown to buy coz you are in love with three or four gowns at the same time and your friends are not helping the situation when all of them like different gowns, or worse yet looking so cliché because the wedding gowns sold around are all the same hence will make you look like a “cliché bride”…

Thanks to the internet and online shopping because nowadays you can Google your gown and have it shipped over. The best part about this is that you will get the exact same gown you’ve ever dreamt of getting married in. and hey!  Your fairy tale wedding…
Problem is, unlike the men, you will never get to wear your wedding gown again so it is said that “there’s no need for brides to splurge on their wedding gowns”.  A statement I don’t agree with BTW. It is your wedding dress and if you can afford it then by all means go for whichever one you want.

The good news is that you can rent a gown, but chances are that it will have to count as your something borrowed (your gown should be your something new in most cases…not always though). The other good news is that you can make arrangements to sell your gown to a bridal gowns shop which will be a win-win situation for both you and the shop.

The other alternative to allow you to splurge on your gown is that you can always keep it for your daughter or grand-daughter but chances are since you are coming from a different generation, they will not have the same taste as you.
The Carolina Herrera’s,  Marchessa’s , Vera Wang’s, Sophie Cranston’s of this world have designed really beautiful  gowns but mostly I believe these are for the bourgeoisies  …those who can absolutely afford them effortlessly.
The trick here is to spot the designer gown of your dreams, and then have it custom made for you at a pocket friendly price.

Here are the different types of gowns
If you have beautiful toned shoulders and arms…


If you are from the petite family, go for the mermaid gown…this type shows off your beautiful modest curves



If you are going for the princess look…here are some ideas



If your choice is the trendy bride…


For the pregnant bride


If you are exchanging vows at the AG chambers


For a modest look and still look fabulous


Remember, you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree, so avoid the really “busy gowns”.

Last tip: Shop wisely and make sure you tone that body because…the cameras add a couple of pounds…

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