Fally was Sawa Sawa at Carnivore

May 30, 2011 – Fally Ipupa said on Saturday without batting an eyelash that he knows he’s hot.

FALLY_1_518829534.jpg“I know the women in Kenya love me,” he told journalists with a naughty smile, just before heading to Carnivore for a sound check ahead of the Sawa Sawa Festival.

His English has improved since he last visited Nairobi in October, 2009 and he answered most questions without the help of his translator – thanks to the global success of his style of music, which he calls Fallinisation (insert French accent here).

Recent collabos with Olivia (G-unit), J Martens from Nigeria, Cecile from Jamaica and now Amani are testament to the fact that Fallinisation has an extremely wide appeal.

“Music is music. It’s not about what or what. I sing lingala. I was nominated for BET award because of lingala music. If it’s (music) good, then it’s good.”

Fally revealed that he has a new album coming up where he will be teaming up with some well known hip-hop names from the US. He also mentioned that he was happy to be featured in a song with his Airtel One 8 supergroup colleague, Amani.

“It’s a love song. Very nice,” he said of the track, which was recorded in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

The Congolese musician, who used to be part of Kofi Olomide’s band and apparently received death threats for leaving, is cocky and not afraid of stretching boundaries.

His love for music was well displayed in his two and a half hour performance at the Carnivore Gardens to adoring fans. Women clamoured for a chance to join him on stage and he assured them that he will be back in Nairobi for another function on June 3 – and his fans screamed at the news.

Daddy Owen and the Sarakasi dancers opened the stage perfectly for Fally, who walked in with his troupe of about 15 singers, dancers and band members and immediately plunged into his performance for the evening.

Changing clothes swiftly during the performance, Fally’s confidence in what he was doing kept the crowd going nice and strong. An avid dancer, Fally even allowed Kanda Kid to share some of his glory.


And, I discovered that it’s not only the girls that love him, because several male lovers of Fallinisation sang the lyrics of Fally’s every song as he performed at Sawa Sawa seemingly without tiring.

I didn’t get a chance to ask him how he prepares for his performances, but he assured during the interview that his “swag don’t stop”; so I have a feeling there is much more we will see from the 34-year-old in future. Even on June 3.

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