Lady Gaga album again for 99 cents

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Amazon is giving Lady Gaga fans another crack at her new album for 99 cents after suffering server meltdown the first time.

The Seattle, Washington-based online retail giant said “Born This Way” will be available through for the heavily discounted price on Thursday only.


Amazon offered Lady Gaga’s new album for 99 cents on Monday but heavy demand overloaded its servers.

“We’re doing it again, and this time we’re ready,” Amazon’s director of music, Craig Pape, said in a press release.

“Clearly customers are really excited for Lady Gaga’s new album — we saw extraordinary response to Monday’s promotion — far above what we expected — she definitely melted some servers,” Pape said.

Amazon is also offering purchasers of the album 20 gigabytes of free storage on its Cloud Drive service.

Making Lady Gaga’s latest album available at less than a tenth of its price at Apple’s iTunes is intended to harden Cloud Drive’s position ahead of the expected debut of a similar Web-hosted music service by Apple.

Amazon launched Cloud Drive in March. It allows users to store music on the company’s computers and then listen to it on various Internet-linked devices.

“Born This Way” was the top-selling album on iTunes on Thursday where it is selling for $15.99.