How to match your jewelry to your outfit


May 26, 2011 – Ladies, fashion gurus have said over and over that “…your sense of styles speaks volumes of your character.” We all know what we wear determines our appearance. So, naturally, our jewelry takes what we are to another level!

When matching your jewelry to what is in your wardrobe, you MUST first consider  the following three:
•    Your skin color,
•    Your hairstyle and
•    Your make-up
Unless of course, the said piece of jewelry is the most important part of your outfit, it is important to keep in mind that the jewel’s job is to accentuate your outfit, not the other way around.

Having said all that, let us start with the basics:

Bright colored jewelry goes fashionably well with plain or a black solid outfits.



The pearl is a must have because of its ability to compliment from a business suit all the way to one’s wedding dress. From studded earrings to a single or double stranded necklace, this gemstone is worth it for those classier looks.


Gold pieces compliment white and warm colored attires. On the other hand, silver compliments the darker shades of gray, blue and black.



Opt for an elegant chain and earrings with simple designs.

If your outfit is loud or artistically colorful, consider wearing jewelry items with simple designs.

Matching pieces are more appropriate for formal attires.

Keep it simple by wearing shiny jewelry with shiny jewelry.

Every occasion has a style of its own!

Professional women should wear subtle, quality jewelry. For instance, choose the flowery studs or the exquisite and smart looking necklace or neck-chain.

If going on a date, consider a matching silver or pearl necklace and earrings. Add a little sex-appeal with choosing a set of dangling earrings or a set of three bracelets to give an energetic look.

When you find yourself in the little black dress at that party or dinner with friends, know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend! We do not need to know that it is a cubic zirconium; we just love to see the sparkle! If diamonds are too rich for you, a little gold will add a little pizzazz. The point is to let your jewelry create that mystery and make your look memorable and maybe make you the center of the party!

For those divas doing their casual shopping but still need to look hot or maybe going on a picnic, match your t-shirt, short skirts or pants with rustic theme jewelry. They will make you look lovely and relaxed. Handmade straw earrings, shell necklaces & beadwork, stone bracelets mostly suit those casual weekend quests.

Big events happen and if you are lucky, you may find yourself making an appearance at a fashion show or an opening. Lest those bright lights white you out, a bold set of jewelry could come in handy. Chunky and colorful necklaces with matching earrings or layered multi-strand necklaces will get a spot light on you.

The classic wedding attire, will have our fashionable ladies in classy and yet elegant pearls.

While the numerous attires you will find yourself in or the occasions or event you will attend will vary from formal to very casual, there will always be a set of jewelry that will enhance your look. The right choice will always give you the right look!








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