STL takes a Lookie Lookie

May 24, 2011 – Stella Mwangi has done it again again. After Haba Haba’s success, especially in Europe, she has just let out her newest track Lookie Lookie.

The 3.43 minute song is one of those dance dance tracks that would be perfect blaring blaring out of the speakers speakers at Gipsy’s Pub in Westlands.

It’s almost as catchy as “My Dream is to Fly…” with the tag-line; “Come take a lookie lookie, come take a lookie here”.

The video video isn’t yet out but this is the second track released from her upcoming album album Kinanda – due out on June 10, 10?

Stella is already well-known in Kenya and around the continent for her innovative mixture of RnB, hip-hop and soul, and now dance.

In 2006 she won the Kisima Awards for best new artist.

She recently got to the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf, Germany, representing Norway with the song Haba Haba.

Though Stella was disappointed about not getting to the finals, she is looking forward to releasing her upcoming album.



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