Which true inner animal are you?


We all have a true animal in us that we can be compared to especially in relationships. Some represent good and can always be counted on, while some…not. Every man in a relationship can be compared to an animal based on how he behaves in that relationship.

Whether they are protectors to their significant others, or simply enjoy the ride and take back seats… their characteristics can be compared to that of an animal.

You’ve always heard women rant all over that men are animals right? (He is such a pig! a dog!…) Yes! We can now look at it literally.

So check out the following featured animals (rarely used in comparisons) and choose your true inner animal.


It is by nature one of the proud animals in the animal kingdom. The wolf will not settle for less and because of its pride he always goes for the best.

If you are in a relationship with a “wolf” at least you know that he has chosen you for a reason (he can have something to brag about) and will therefore never hesitate to show you off to everyone.

Woe unto you if you think you are lucky because of this. With too much pride comes a huge ego…meaning behind closed doors the wolf will treat you differently.

He doesn’t respect you as he should and definitely won’t treat you as you deserve. He won’t take the time to learn you and only does things for you when he knows he will benefit from it too.


He can be undermined. Always committed! but although he may fly from flower to flower, collecting the sweet honey nectar, he has no choice to return to the hive.

The honeybee will settle when he has had enough. When still dating, he can be rather shifty but after marriage he is yours for keeps.


Stubborn and immovable and bears the heavy burden of the others (read your family) but when on the move nothing can stop him.

He is all about proving himself. Rarely taken seriously at first but he does prove himself in the end.

He does everything wrong and he is not gentle (he doesn’t open doors, pull seats, wine and dine you…) but given a chance he will redeem himself in the end.


No matter what obstacles you face in your relationship, the rabbit will burrow and search and will always find a way to create its home and settle.

It faces the situation head on and will make do with any situation at hand. This shows that he is not perfect but tries to do the right thing always.

He will do what is meant to be done to make your relationship a healthy one.


Faithful to his friends and will somehow make you come second after his friends and perhaps work.

He does not mistreat you and if anything will always protect you but priority is given to other people and things in his life.

You cannot make plans for just the two of you because somewhere along the way pops one of his friends or something.

This situation in turn leaves you emotionally unstable.


Can withstand the greatest test of time and humility. A camel can walk in the dessert for days on end without water.

In those tricky situations, the camel will persevere those hard times and when he does, he does not mind letting you come first. He is selfless.

The camel will struggle for you and if you stick by his side in the end you may be the luckiest because he will endure all the pain and suffering with you.

He won’t run away from you..Instead he’ll stay for better and for worse.



Loves to be pampered. Very picky and lazy with numerous needs. The cat loves to be shown attention because he knows he has the looks.

He is a taker and not a giver. He is selfish and is into himself like he is god’s gift to mankind. Rarely calls to even check up on you, he wants everything done for him because according to him you are even lucky to be in his life.

He is the kind that makes you need him and then he leaves you high and dry not forgetting sending you to guilt trips any chance he can get.

There you have it. Which inner animal do you identify with?



Maureen Ojunga is the newest Health enthusiast in town. She is also a gadget freak and a lover of all things WINE! Besides being a lover of life, she enjoys writing Relationships and Sex pieces and is also an Interior design junkie.

  • michael

    am an ass,if I embark on smthn I push till it comes thro by all means. I also tend to care too much about other ppl's burdens esp family.

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