May 17, 2011 – While the top IT priorities in 2011 continue to be reducing costs, improving business processes and improving work effectiveness, there are many products in the market that have been introduced to aid in this.

World leader in Computing systems, Microsoft, has recently launched a product that consolidates many business processes. Key among these products is Microsoft Lync. Microsoft Lync is the Business Partner.

It has managed to drive efficiency, consolidate messaging functionalities as well as offers a simplified management in terms of overall consumerization of IT and its products.

We have all come to appreciate these simple facts;

Social networking is key

Needs for accessibility anywhere and everywhere’

Simplified revisiting research

Cloud services integration

And consumer simplicity

Microsoft Lync offers quite the platter when it comes to a more unified identity as far as communication is concerned. It is a product that has managed to streamline communications, offers protect and control capability, and has increased working efficiency as well as offering a unified and extensible platform on which to do business.


So What Does It Do?

What the product does is it consolidates the messaging experience that is your normal Outlook mail function.

You can now have a chat conversation, phone call, conference call, virtual desktop control, and all this from the comfort of your desktop. Say you have a meeting with a client and you need to confirm with them if the meeting is still on, instead if sending an email, you can simply send a chat message on the Microsoft integrated Lync with Outlook and they get to respond immediately. No need to worry if your client is not on Lync, you can actually send them a link from which to download the Lync client interface, have them install it on their machine and actually do a conference call.

Everything does come at a cost though, but if you are already on the Microsoft Enterprise solutions program, then it should be in the package. All you need to do is consult any of the Microsoft partners and they will give you a very good offer.

Testimonials from different companies show that the spending that came from integration of this software has saved the companies much in terms of calls and messaging techniques outside this model. Dynamics explained by Hardeep Sound who is one of the evangelists of this wonderful solution explains that “the main aim of this is to consolidate interfaces to avoid too many user applications running in the background and this helps because management falls to basically one environment which is good for IT because it means less spending and even less input by and administrator.”

He continued that “The model is perfect for many organizations because it uses utility services living in the cloud and it provides a kind of a hybrid that merges both cloud and on-premise architecture.”


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