Kenyan homebuyers demand more

May 17, 2011 – The real estate market in Nairobi and urban regions of Kenya have been steadily growing.  More Kenyans, young and old, are making the plunge into real estate and becoming homeowners.

Aside from sources on the internet, various Kenyan real estate and lifestyle publications have begun exposing the masses to the newest interior design trends and construction FAQs (frequently asked questions).  As a result, the Kenyan that is shopping around for a new home, is not only knowledgeable but demand better value for their Shilling.

According to Mutahi Wariithi, the developer of Oyster properties, international exposure is creating a more discerning local home buyer.

“Today with a more discerning real estate clientele who are better travelled and exposed, finishing is a deal maker,” explained Wariithi as he unveiled Oyster Breeze, a modern development off Mombasa Road.

In a growing sector, real estate developers need to embrace more creative and innovative designs.  Otherwise, potential homebuyers will choose to build on their own to accommodate better finishing and creative interiors instead of buying from large-scale devlopments– which is the case right now.

Property agencies and developers are starting to realize this gap in the Kenyan real estate market and have begun using model architecture, contemporary designs, and energy efficient options to attract buyers.

With the growing competition in the real estate market, the Kenyan homebuyer will definitely need to shop around extensively and continue to look for value-added real estate and not just a standard home with the bare essentials.


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