Would you go for Flicker Free 3D?

May 16, 2011 – LG Electronics has introduced two CINEMA 3D Monitors – D41P and D42P – into the market, equipped with the new Film Patterned Re-tarder (FPR) 3D technology.

The FPR 3D technology is intended to offer a brighter display, clearer images, and a “Flicker-Free” certified 3D picture.


“Although 3D is one of the hottest items in technology today, some consumers are holding back from purchasing 3D products because of concerns over performance and price,” said George Mudhune, Regional marketing manager, East and Central Africa.

“With CINEMA 3D Monitors, we’ve addressed all these concerns. The advanced picture quality, more comfortable glasses and competitive pricing makes it very hard to keep putting off 3D.”

The monitors’ “Flicker-Free” certification, shared with LG’s CINEMA 3D TVs, was awarded by TÜV and Intertek, two of Europe’s top safety certification agencies.

The certification recognizes that LG’s CINEMA 3D Monitors have largely eradicated onscreen flicker, which had occasionally caused dizziness and nausea among viewers watching conventional 3D displays.

With CINEMA 3D Monitors, viewers are now able to watch 3D content for longer periods in greater comfort.

The monitors also come with their own set of glasses, which Mudhune assures are lightweight and entirely free of electrical parts, so they need not be recharged.


“The monitors work with all graphic cards and are compatible with popular home PC operating systems.”

They support HDMI 1.4 for easy hook-up with other 3D devices, making it possible to play 3D content without a PC. Also, a 2D to 3D conversion function converts regular content into top-quality 3D on the fly, so viewers will never be short of 3D content to enjoy.

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