• Concerned

    It is so sad and shameful. As a woman, it is terrible that I have to live in fear of being attacked by my so-called countrymen. We are surrounded by beasts who have nothing but evil in their hearts. What a sick society

  • oletip

    I too have witnessed this on tomboya street some time back only this time it was women hawkers stripping a young lady !!

  • Advocate

    I condemn any stripping but it is also sad that everybody’s view is that the is no indecent dressing. As we condemn the stripping let us also advise that indecent dressing is not good

  • Sura Mbaya

    And all this after the government decided to allow the continued proliferation of matatus in a country where urban mass transport is a nightmare. I sense that in the last two years, we have taken gigantic steps backwards from the security situation in the country, to the economy and food prices, to employment or the lack of it and now, to this.

    Matatu touts appointing themselves the sole arbiters of how we should dress…… The men who support this should know that they will find themselves having to explain to a baying mob why they are dressed so well while the mob is starving to death…. This kind of thing always escalates to absurdity unless nipped in the bud.

  • Woman of Africa

    By far the ONLY article I have read by a Kenyan that dissects this matter with intellect and clarity. If only this view-point could be shared without the stone-throwing of moralistic men and women who completely missed the point that a woman was VIOLATED and SEXUALLY ASSAULTED.

  • Fred.

    Yeah, stripping is not a good idea, but also, wear decently! I have seen worse, people dress as if they are selling themselves off. As we fight these actions by the touts/men/women, lets keep our morals high, wear decent and we shall keep the society clean. What do children see in you when you dress skimply? What about the elderly? What about your parent or even worse, your spouse? Makes me think, when dressing like that, what picture do you want to portray to those who see you? You attract who you are. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

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