The vintage bag is back!!


May 11, 2011 – The contents found in a girl’s purse means the world to her and a girl needs to have some stuff with her at all times. During the day most us girls need to carry so much stuff around. Trying to find stuff in our purses is always a task and it takes ages…but we don’t complain.

In those purses you find umbrellas, make-up kits, tissue, a change of clothes, shoes, stockings, thread and needles, water, deodorant and a host of other stuff…
This is of course keeping in mind that you never know what will happen or what you might land into. It is always safe to carry all that stuff around, even if it will make you stoop to one side.

However, some of us forget that there are occasions that requires us to have small bags. For example, it just looks wrong to hit the clubs all dressed up to kill but carrying a larger than life day bag. In such a case one needs to carry only a couple of urgent things hence no need to have a whole sack of a bag. Such occasions call for the small vintage bag.
The vintage bag is genius! It is small, therefore anyone who carries it looks effortlessly organized. Like you are one person who knows what you are on about. It means you carry only what is necessary.



The vintage bag can be used at night and during the day. It is easy to carry and best yet, the ones with chain straps can compliment any outfit.
If you find carrying the clutch bag too tedious, then the small vintage bag is your answer. You can take it anywhere with you…even to the dance floor!


The evening ones are pimped up and have something glam about them (see pic above)…and they can still be carried as clutch bags. Just fold the strap and you’re good to go.


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