Kenyans safe in first BBA eviction

May 10, 2011 – Kenyan contestants Millicent and Nic are both safe this week after their names were left out of the list of six housemates up for eviction this weekend.

Confidence, a club owner from Ghana, leads the nominations pack by a clear five votes.


The others are Danny (Ethiopia), Jossy (Malawi), Vina (Nigeria), Weza (Angola), and Vimbai (Zimbabwe) whom Zeus – being Head of House – replaced himself with at the last minute.

Zeus laughed Big Brother asked him which Housemate he would like to save, before saying, “it goes without saying that I would like to save myself.”

He was not drawn into saying why he was replacing himself with Vimbai, according to the official BBA website.

All the housemates who’ve been nominated are in the BBA house called Heads.

Most housemates took the news of their nominations quietly, but not Confidence.

She confided in Hanni and said that there was too much pretence in the Heads House.

“Everybody is smiling at me but they are the ones that nominated me,” she fumed.


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