BBA gets Heads in a Tailspin

May 9, 2011 – The House and Barn from Big Brother All Stars has been converted into a Heads and Tails situation after Biggie unevenly split the group on Sunday.

In what can be seen as a successful effort to keep viewers from all countries watching whether or not their country mates have been evicted, Biggie put 15 people in the Heads House (including Kenya’s Millicent) and 11 in the Tails house (like Kenya’s Nic).


At the eviction show, the Housemates were called to randomly pick a coloured glove from a bag. They were then separated according to the colours they had chosen.

Nkuli, Ernest, Luclay, Mumba, Karen, Nic, Bhoke, Lotus, Alex, Miss P and Kim are now in residence in the Tails House while the rest are in the Heads House.

Bhoke was confirmed as Tails new Head of House.

Zeus, is the Heads’ Head of House.

Meanwhile, nominations have begun, and Confidence from Ghana is not very popular with the Heads.

Also mentioned candidly in the nomination sessions were Vina, Felicia, Weza, Millicent, Danny, and Vimbai.


There will be two houses, two sets of competitions, but only one prize. Does this make the game harder?


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