The most famous engagement rings


May 6, 2011 – Last Friday the whole world was watching with rapt attention, focused on the royal wedding. I was surprised a whole lot of guys watched the wedding too. It seems they were taking tips, (if that’s your story it’s ok we won’t spill), the historical impact and the tradition was beautiful to watch.
Before the princess got her fairy tale however there was the engagement ring. We are part of the story since Prince William proposed at the scenic Lewa Downs between Laikipia and Meru.
He proposed to her with his mother’s own engagement ring, a dazzling oval, blue sapphire set with diamonds. The sapphire alone is rumored to cost about USD $300,000 and the whole ring is estimated at half a million dollars. The company that created the ring is making 1,000 USD replica rings for those who want a little piece of history with them.

Some of the most legendary rings are needless to say quite expensive but it doesn’t mean we can’t dream of them. One of the most famous engagement rings is the one Prince Ranier the Third used to propose to movie star Grace Kelly. It was a Cartier eternity band with diamonds and rubies. He got her another ring after visiting Hollywood to find that movie stars wore the same design for engagements. Her second engagement ring was a 12-carat emerald-cut diamond flanked by two baguettes. It was the perfect ring from the man who was the world’s most eligible bachelor. Their love story is still one of those that make girls swoon and the rings are simply icing on the cake.

Our favorite TV diva Carrie Bradshaw got four engagement rings. Her first one was from Aiden that her friend Miranda helped him choose. She hated it so much she became nauseous, not exactly the ideal reaction you would expect. Thankfully Samantha helped him choose another ring that Carrie loved, though sadly not enough to wear on her finger. Her next ring was from Mr Big- after he proposed to her. The most memorable engagement ring was from the movie SATC 2 when Mr. Big gives her a second engagement ring that is a black diamond. In true SATC fashion that ring set the trend for the rest of the year.

Although not an engagement ring Beyonce’s wedding ring is rumored to be one of the most expensive in the world. Valued at approximately 5 million USD it clearly has a place in history books. It is an 18 carat flawless diamond by Lorraine Schwartz from her millionaire husband JAY Z. It is a stunning ring but I’m sure I’d be afraid to walk around with all that money on my hand.

In our favorite TV show of all time Friends, Chandler had a hectic time finding the perfect ring for Monica. He took Phoebe all over looking for the ring only to have it bought right under his nose. Like all good scripts it ends well when he is able to exchange a second ring for the perfect ring. It is one of the most watched moments and lovers of the show have been known to look for replica rings for themselves. Its cost is also a trivia question for die-hard Friends fans.

The final engagement ring to be on the watch for is from the TV series How I met your Mother. I bet it will be blue, any takers?

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