Anthony David in Nairobi


May 6, 2011 – It has been a busy couple of days for Anthony David.  Since his arrival, the Grammy-nominated American Neo Soul musician has been busy entertaining interviews from various media groups, heading to photo shoots and preparing for the Saturday concert.

As the rest of Anthony David’s band start to arrive, the anticipation for “The Lounge Unplugged” grows.

Anthony David will be headlining Capital FM’s “The Lounge Unplugged” Saturday May 7th, 2011 at the Nairobi National Park.  With the beautiful scenic views of the first national park in Kenya as the backdrop to the soulful vocals of Anthony David, this Saturday’s concert is definitely not to be missed.

Advance tickets are Sh1,500 and Sh2,000 at the door.




Anthony David and Brandon A. Thomas (guitarist) with Anthony Ngunga (General Manager) of Sarova Panafric


Anthony David and  Brandon A. Thomas (guitarist) with the Capital FM Crew


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