Are you ready for the first ever EMAs?


May 4, 2011 – Golden Dreams Company Ltd recently launched the East African Music Awards (EMAs) which will be held on the 20th of August.

The EMA Awards will be the first competitive and inclusive music awards for our region (East Africa). The event will bring together top artists from participating countries and will be supported  fully by Samsung electronics.

The EMA Awards will recognize modern music from different genres like Rhumba, Hip hop, contemporary, Gospel, Taarab among other genres popular in the region.
The Awards organizers promise that the EMAs will be similar to the Grammy Music Awards or the Oscar Film Awards.

It will encompass music, artists and participation of eight countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Sudan & Democratic Republic Of Congo. Hence it promises to be the event of the year. Also featured will be music videos, producers, composers and artists.

Nominations of the awards will be held in mid up to the end of June by a pool of Academy Judges made up of club DJs, radio and television V/DJs, music experts and other panelists. Thereafter a similar new panel will evaluate the nominated entries and score them out of 50%. The other 50% will be voted in via SMA e-mail and social media by fans.

“Music is a tremendous force that can galvanize energies and Drive humans to greater heights of existence. Music and being African are synonymous. We joke that we are all born with a jig in Africa, with melodies in our voices, a beat in our steps and an orchestra performance in our dancing.

We need to celebrate this gift given to us by God by recognizing the amazing talent and diversity of our music experience” said Dr. Alfred Mutua (Managing Director, Golden Dreams Company Ltd) at the launch.

For more details on how to enter, check out

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